Yahoo Soon Display Google Adsense And AdMob Ads

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Yahoo to diplay Google ads

American Internet services company Yahoo!, teamed up with Google Inc., to display Google Adsense and AdMob contextual ads to its users.

Yahoo soon display Google Adsense and AdMob on the websites of their own and some joint Yahoo! Services around the world, which will be targeted and depending on the activity of the Yahoo user like what information he is looking at the moment, as well as his previous search queries and interests of its content.

Yahoo! Inc., newly appointed CEO, Marissa Mayer (Former Google employee) has repeatedly stated that it intends to make online resources more interactive, mobile and personalized, which will increase advertising sales.

“By adding Google to the list of our partners in the field of contextual advertising, we will be able to expand our network and show users more relevant ads,” – noted in the company. However Yahoo!, users will not see major changes in the format or location of ads on the site.