Why Marketers Focus On Google+?

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Initially Google+ may not be used by marketers due to its appearance or features but now due to its popularity Marketers and Brands have found Google+ a very effective business platform to promote their business on the Internet.

Google+,Google plus

There are still many different opinions comes from people about whether to promote your business on Google+ or not. People are still confused to decide whether “Google+ is a social network or not”. The reality is Google itself announced that Google+ is not a social networking platform and they want to use it to combine all their different business on a single platform. Google+ has currently 500+ million user base and more than 1 million companies around the world already started their business promotion on Google+ including global brands like Cadbury, Redbull, H & M, Pepsi, Samsung, BMW and many others.


How Google+ plays an important role in SEO

Popularity of Google+ increasing day by day because the platform has a number of benefits of SEO. But the question is does Google+ provide real opportunities to the marketers?

Google +1 button

Google+ 1 button and search results for sites that have a +1 button is really having a number of additional benefits. When anyone press +1 button the web site automatically increases the importance of links, which increases the probability of its occurrence in relevant search queries. Dissemination of shared links with the circle of friends is sometimes more effective. Unlike Facebook Google+ doesn’t send any request whenever a user adds layman to his friend circle. Each received +1 buttons from the user of the Website highlights the link itself in the SERPs, thus increasing traffic.

Google+ allows you to create private and public group which van be joined individually or by the invitation of the moderator. Google+ platform provides the opportunity for planning, video-chatting and sharing various interesting and useful content with the help of +1 button at the same time promoting the brand.

Google+ authorship – a great way to increase their own credibility for the search engine (both qualitative content source). It can be completed using the simple steps. After completing the Google authorship your profile picture icon will be displayed next to the author of the blog posts in the SERPs in Google, which leads to higher ranking positions and transitions.

Adding some releavant keywords and links into “About Me” section in the brand profile helps Google+ qualitatively to disseminate information about the company. e.g it may be considered as backlinks to specific pages and brand websites that facilitate access for potential customers to it. It is also very important to add information that may interest online audience in the search. For a similar purpose add some releavant information in the “Description”. You must optimize your content for search engine. The more relevant and meaningful ranking Google+, the more likely the company will be in the SERPs for relevant queries.

Google+ platform provides many opportunities for brand promotion, including video chat option, events, etc. The small industries or brands actively using the Google+ platform beacuse of its importance. The Success of any brand in Google+ depends on the quality of interaction with the audience through the brand profile and a personal account.