Google Soon Include Example Of Bad Links In Webmaster Penalty Mails

Matt Cutts

During the interview at SMX Advanced 2013 Google’s search engine head Matt Cutts announced that Google soon going to send examples of bad links in the Google Webmaster penalty mails. I think it is a very smart move by Google because it helps the new bloggers to understand how their blog can be affected due [...]

How To Remove The Content From Google+,Shopping,Advisor,Flights And Hotels

Google algorithm

As we know Google always try to launch new products which gives the ability to the website owner to manage their content on Google products. This time Google launched the new tool by which we can remove the content which is already crawled on Google+ Local search, Shopping, Advisor, Flights And Hotels within 30 days. The new Opt out [...]

Important SEO Tips For Baidu


Many website holders and bloggers are struggling for traffic so it’s time to do something better than your competitors. If you have a website which contain global information then you must optimize your website for different search engines including foreign language search engines like Yandex (Russian), Baidu (Chinese). We know Google is the leading search [...]

Creating A Social Media Strategy The Right Way

Social strategy

Social media is everyone’s new favorite tool and with good reason. It’s cost-effective, relatively straightforward to use and allows unprecedented monitoring and targeting for brands. But as companies up and down the size scale try and jump on the bandwagon with no clear goals, social media can quickly become a time sink or worse – [...]

Stay Updated With The Latest Google Algorithm Changes

Google algorithm

Keeping a tab of all the Google algorithm updates released for its search engine is of the essence, to frame effective online marketing strategies. In what follows, readers will be acquainted with some of the most important Google algorithm updates. Getting a high search engine rank (SERP) to your websites is one of the prime [...]

Is Having A Google Plus Profile Mandatory For Business?

Google+,Google plus

When it comes to social media marketing, the names of premier networking websites, like Facebook and Twitter, spring to mind first. However, business marketing and promotional strategies are developing fast – bringing to light the value and importance of other social media channels, like Google Plus, Pinterest and Tumblr. In particular, it is of the [...]

Yahoo Soon Display Google Adsense And AdMob Ads

Yahoo to diplay Google ads

American Internet services company Yahoo!, teamed up with Google Inc., to display Google Adsense and AdMob contextual ads to its users. Yahoo soon display Google Adsense and AdMob on the websites of their own and some joint Yahoo! Services around the world, which will be targeted and depending on the activity of the Yahoo user like what [...]

How To Use WebRTC To communicate Between Chrome and Firefox


Now users of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can make Audio and Video chat with each other using the most popular HTML5 based open source application WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication). WebRTC is the web based HTML5 ready API which allows you to enable browser to browser chatting with voice calling, video chat and P2P file [...]

Google Author Rank – How It Works To Increase SERP, How To Make It Strong

Google Author Rank

Google recently launched new algorithm named as Google Author Rank™, so here we discuss about Google’s new ranking method based on Google AR. What is Google Author Rank? Google Author Rank is the second most innovative project after the Google PageRank. Google PageRank depends on backlinks while Google Author Rank depend on how many people [...]

Tips To Optimize Google AdSense For Best Results

Optimize Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the best earning source for most of the bloggers and websites. The Google Adsense team has published some basic tips to Optimize Google Adsense to its publishers. 1. Increase the coverage of your advertising Additional ad units may cause a serious impact your earnings. We can place only three standard ads (note the size [...]