Stay Updated With The Latest Google Algorithm Changes

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Keeping a tab of all the Google algorithm updates released for its search engine is of the essence, to frame effective online marketing strategies. In what follows, readers will be acquainted with some of the most important Google algorithm updates.

Google algorithm

Getting a high search engine rank (SERP) to your websites is one of the prime goals of every business. However, following a set of static Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies is not likely to be helpful in this regard, at least in the long-run. This is because Google is constantly coming up with changes and modifications in their search algorithms, in a bid to improve the web browsing experience of general users.

As a website owner, you should always be in touch with the latest Google algorithm changes in search engine or if you don’t understand you can make contact with executives from a reputed online marketing agency – so that you do not miss out on any of the major updates.

Some of the key recent changes in Google algorithm are:


  • The exact match domain update – Earlier on, presence of keywords in the domain, in their ‘exact match’ format, was instrumental in ensuring a high position on the SERP for the concerned website. This, however, resulted in many low-quality (as defined by Google) websites occupying the first few positions among the search results just taking advantage of the keywords in their domains. In order to get rid of this problem, Google came up with the Exact Match Domain (EMD) update where sites with less or low quality content and exact match domain received heavy blow. You need to, now, have content of really high quality on your website, to ensure high online visibility.


  • The Penguin update – Web spamming and ‘black hat SEO’ tactics were often resorted to by many internet marketers, to fetch a high rank for their websites. Google came down hard on such shady practices, which, at the end of the day, made the general search activities of people on the web more troublesome. The Penguin update is precisely targeted at bringing down these types of underhand SEO strategies. If your website violates any of the specifications of this update, serious penalties can be implemented by Google.


  • The page layout update – Do your web pages have plenty of advertisements in the upper sections? If yes, you can face the wrath of Google! Pages that have too many ads above-the-fold are generally treated as ‘top-heavy’ by the search engine (according to the update released in October last year). Consult your online marketing agency, to determine where ads should be placed on your web pages, so that this update is not violated.


  • The Panda update – The importance of fresh, unique and informative content on your website has increased manifold, thanks to Google’s Panda update. Make sure that the content on your pages are updated on a regular basis as well. Google has specified several parameters, on the basis of which a website is deemed to be of ‘high-quality’ or ‘low-quality’. You need to be among the former category, to be able to get a decent search engine rank.


  • The Google Knowledge Graph update – Since the roll out of this update, users have been able to get additional information about the things they are looking for on the web, from the SERP itself. The Knowledge Graph is viewable on all devices with internet connectivity, and it drives away every type of ambiguity from the search results.


  • The Top 7 SERP update – This update was not a general one, but affected quite a number of keywords (that were surveyed). As the name itself suggests, seven entries are displayed on the first page of the search results, instead of the usual ten. The flip side of this update? Often, multiple results from the same website have started taking up the top positions on the SERP.


The Link Warning update and the DMCA update also feature prominently among the list of recent changes in the Google algorithm. Hire the services of an expert online marketing agency, to stay aware of all such updates, as and when they are released. You can ignore the regulations of Google only at your own peril!


Author’s Bio: John Smith is a professional web marketer. He is associated with a reputed online marketing agency in USA. He has several years of experience, in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). Here in this article he has shared few latest penguin updates to gain traffic and generate leads.