Important SEO Tips For Baidu


Many website holders and bloggers are struggling for traffic so it’s time to do something better than your competitors. If you have a website which contain global information then you must optimize your website for different search engines including foreign language search engines like Yandex (Russian), Baidu (Chinese). We know Google is the leading search […]

Stay Updated With The Latest Google Algorithm Changes

Google algorithm

Keeping a tab of all the Google algorithm updates released for its search engine is of the essence, to frame effective online marketing strategies. In what follows, readers will be acquainted with some of the most important Google algorithm updates. Getting a high search engine rank (SERP) to your websites is one of the prime […]

Importance And Rules To Optimize ALT Attribute In Image SEO

ALT attribute in image

We all are familiar with ALT (alternate text) tag or ALT (alternate text) attribute in an image, they have very much importance in image SEO. The ALT attribute is the combination of specific keywords which gives the description of the image or in other words, the ALT attribute is used to retrieve the text information […]

Google Author Rank – How It Works To Increase SERP, How To Make It Strong

Google Author Rank

Google recently launched new algorithm named as Google Author Rank™, so here we discuss about Google’s new ranking method based on Google AR. What is Google Author Rank? Google Author Rank is the second most innovative project after the Google PageRank. Google PageRank depends on backlinks while Google Author Rank depend on how many people […]

How Specific Title Helps To Boost SERP

Los Angelis Times

Article Title should be based on the information on the corresponding search terms, but also satisfy the needs of readers. A journalist called it as Headlines while Bloggers called them as Titles. Whatever it is – it is the name which describes the information of your article in just a single line. However new aggregator […]

How To Increase Organic Traffic By 5 Million In Just 3 Months – By Neil Patel

Gawker Media

Is it a Joke? No really It is not a Joke, Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics has told to Quick Sprout, how he increased the Gawker Media‘s organic traffic by 5 million in just 3 months. We always think that our Big brother were doing some special techniques for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive […]

How To Optimize robots.txt File For Security And SEO

optimize robots.txt

SEO-industry is growing very rapidly with lots of changes. As we know SEO techniques depends on many factors. There are some important factors that are relevant and important in the past, present, and will remain essential in the future so they must be taken into consideration. One of the important factors in SEO is Crawling […]

Why Marketers Focus On Google+?

Google +1 button

Initially Google+ may not be used by marketers due to its appearance or features but now due to its popularity Marketers and Brands have found Google+ a very effective business platform to promote their business on the Internet. There are still many different opinions comes from people about whether to promote your business on Google+ or […]