Is Having A Google Plus Profile Mandatory For Business?

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When it comes to social media marketing, the names of premier networking websites, like Facebook and Twitter, spring to mind first. However, business marketing and promotional strategies are developing fast – bringing to light the value and importance of other social media channels, like Google Plus, Pinterest and Tumblr. In particular, it is of the essence that you have an engaging, regularly updated the profile page on Google Plus, to reach out to a large number of qualified potential customers.

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We take a look at the factors that make having a Google Plus page almost mandatory for your business:


  • Better segmentation and targeting options – The smartest website design services might fail, if you do not address your targeted buyers properly. Google Plus offers you ample opportunities in this regard, since you can segment the various categories of buyers into different ‘circles’. Frame such promotional messages that would appeal to the members of each of the ‘circles’ – and make your online marketing campaigns more focused and successful.


  • Adopts a more personalized approach – Unlike most other popular social media websites, Google Plus does not allow for the creation of a dedicated business page. Instead, it has to be an individual, who represents your business on this channel. This automatically brings in a greater degree of interpersonal nature in the manner in which you deal with your ‘followers’. With a more personal touch, your business operations become more credible too.


  • Social sharing options – Yes, having an expert web design & development services help – but unless the content on your website manage to create a buzz on the online space, traffic volumes would hover on the lower side. Google Plus can come to your aid on this count too! Submit the best of your website articles and blog posts on your Google Plus profile. The more ‘+1s’ they will manage to generate – the faster your business will gain in recognition and popularity. Click here to find out more about how you can make your Google Plus posts go viral.


  • Chance to create hangouts – Active discussion sessions, product/service demonstrations and regular feedback – these are what drive a business forward, right? Google Plus is the only social media website that gives you the opportunity to create ‘hangouts’, where you can organize all such online activities – to generate more interest about your business. Make sure that your website design is such that the ‘visitor stickiness’ duration would also remain high.


  • Boosts up online visibility – One of the more self-explanatory advantages of Google Plus. Google is, by far, the most oft-used search engine by people from all over the world – and it helps when your Google Plus page shows up on the SERP, when users search for something on the web. Get more updates about the SEO advantages of being present on Google Plus, and bolster the accessibility of your website.


  • The ‘follow’ option – Google Plus also helps in generating more valid backlinks for your website. Unlike most of its counterparts, you are not faced with any ‘no follow’ regulations, which are often adopted to reduce spamming problems. On Google Plus, you can share outbound links, and bring more traffic to your main website.


Apart from helping in framing strategies for better customer targeting and more effective SEO drives, presence on Google Plus also helps you in getting free listings on the search engine. Creating a page on this up-and-coming social media channel should definitely follow your website development plans. Your client base would expand – and pretty quickly too!

Author’s Bio: Ron Jones is a social media marketing manager. He is also considered to be an authority on different SEO-related issues. In this piece, he lists out the reasons why being present on Google Plus is mandatory for businesses. You will get all related stuffs from here.


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