Important SEO Tips For Baidu

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Many website holders and bloggers are struggling for traffic so it’s time to do something better than your competitors. If you have a website which contain global information then you must optimize your website for different search engines including foreign language search engines like Yandex (Russian), Baidu (Chinese).


We know Google is the leading search engine in the World but unfortunately they closed their service in China in 2010 and now Baidu is a leading search engine in China. The main Interesting fact is China is in 2nd place in the World on the basis of no of Internet users it means there is a very huge audience in China who are searching no of queries daily. So in order to get huge traffic from China you must optimize your website for Baidu. Baidu is in Chinese language but do not worry you can easily cope with this problem using an automatic translator.

Important SEO tips to optimize your website for Baidu according to some standard algorithm created by Baidu.


1. Choose Right Spelling For Keyword

Like Google and many other search engines Baidu responds to the right keyword,  But the problem is China has many dialects and unfortunately Baidu supports all of them,  despite the fact that the same keyword in different dialects have different meanings. So it is better to use either the traditional Chinese Mandarin language or Pinyin. Pinyin is the recorded sounds of Chinese people, which allows you to write Chinese words with European alphabet characters.


2. You Need Chinese Articles

Of course you cannot mix up English articles with Chinese articles so you need to create multilingual web site. You can create a sub domain for Chinese version of your website like You can translate your English article with automated translator but before publishing your translated article make sure it doesn’t have any grammar as well as a spelling mistake. Also check your translated article with Plagiarism test to maintain its uniqueness.


3. Importance of Meta Tags in Baidu SEO

Meta tags play a very important role in SEO. Like other leading search engines Baidu started using meta tags. So its better to use more meta tags to get better SERP in Baidu.


4. Importance of Chinese Domain Name and Chinese Hosting in Baidu

It will be very helpful if you’re looking to target traffic from China. If you want just additional traffic neglect this factor and concentrate on other important factors.


5. Use Simple Navigation Layout For Your Web Site

Baidu gives more importance to the simple navigation layout of website than any other search engines like Yandex, Google. The fact that Baidu doesn’t give importance to your deep links or pages and refuse to index such links quickly. Do not use any complex code or any black hat techniques because Baidu might give punishment to your website for life time.


6. Check For Duplicate Content

I strongly recommend you do not post duplicate content on your website because Baidu believes it as a 100% spam content. But in case you want to give any other website’s information on your website, you can disable indexing of that particular page by using any plugin or by optimizing Robot.txt file.


7. Do Not Insert Irrelated Links and Avoid Selling Links

Baidu started fighting from the first day of its existence against irrelevant links and those who are selling links on their website.


8. Don’t expect Quick Success

Unlike Google Baidu is much slower to increase your SERP. Baidu make take 6 months or more to arrange its results. So try to wait and do not make any mistake to get success quickly which may turn in bad effect.


9. Increase Loading Speed Of Your Web Site

In order to increase web site loading speed try to avoid the use of Java Script and Flash scripts. Use simple HTML and CSS scripts which are faster as compared to Flash and Java script.


Some of the above factors are very small but taking them into the consideration while doing SEO for Baidu may give you huge benefits.