How To Check YouTube Earnings In Adsense 2013

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As you know from 1st april 2013 Estimated earnings from YouTube associated with Adsense account are no longer being displayed in Google AdSense dashboard.

Google officially announced that from now on earnings from YouTube will be shown in YouTube analytics and not in Adsense dashboard under Hosted AdSense for Content tab. It is still not known why Google decided to pull off YouTube earning reports from Adsense and makes it visible only in YouTube analytics which is very laggy. In adsense dashboard there is notification which says,

As of Apr 1, 2013, YouTube Hosted AdSense for Content reporting will be managed at YouTube Analytics

So how do you check your YouTube earnings in Adsense?

How To Check YouTube Earnings In Adsense 2013

I really don’t know if this method will work permanently or something, but as of now this is the only way to check your Estimated YouTube earnings from Adsense.

youtube earnings in adsense

1.) In your Adsense main dashboard click on Performance report or View full reports.

2.) Click on Hosted AdSense for Content under product tab.

3.) Now you can view Total earnings and Estimated earnings of your YouTube account.

The main reason to check your YouTube earnings in Adsense dashboard is, YouTube analytics earnings report get updated only after 2-3 days and you will not able to check your earnings on daily basis. When you check earnings in YouTube analytics for short period it shows notification - Data is not available for the selected report, content, and date range. If possible, try selecting a broader date range, different content, or come back in 1–2 days after the most recent data has been processed.

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