How Specific Title Helps To Boost SERP

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Article Title should be based on the information on the corresponding search terms, but also satisfy the needs of readers.

A journalist called it as Headlines while Bloggers called them as Titles. Whatever it is – it is the name which describes the information of your article in just a single line. However new aggregator do not write relevant title which causes high bounce and low SERP just because such titles doesn’t match in any search terms.

Let me give you one example of a meaningless title.

Title: What lessons have we learned from this?

In the above case, Search engines do not know how to rank this title, users are not sure whether to click on them do not know how to rank above title or even if you are lucky to get good SERP, users are not sure whether to click on them.

Always try to give specific title which contains the keywords for good ranking in the search results and useful information for readers interested in the subject.

Here I am giving you the second example. Article published in the Los Angeles Times, USA has a title President Obama’s second inauguration, when it is?

Los Angelis Times

Above article meets the exact match to those readers who are searching to know when Obama’s second inauguration will be celebrated. The article itself also contains corresponding information about the President Obama’s second inauguration, rather than a set of relevant keywords on a specific subject and its getting very good SERP because of a specific title.

In order to catch the attention of readers and to get good SERP, you should optimize your article with a specific title for best results.

Important tips to optimize your title:

  1. The article should have a unique and specific title relevant to your information.
  2. The title should describe maximum information of your article in a single line.
  3. The title should contain specific keyword.
  4. If your article is based on an event then try to add event date in the title.
  5. The title should not be too short or not to be very long.