Google Soon Include Example Of Bad Links In Webmaster Penalty Mails

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Matt Cutts

During the interview at SMX Advanced 2013 Google’s search engine head Matt Cutts announced that Google soon going to send examples of bad links in the Google Webmaster penalty mails. I think it is a very smart move by Google because it helps the new bloggers to understand how their blog can be affected due to bad links.

Matt Cutts stated “One thing that’s new is we’re testing the inclusion of example URLs — when we send a manual action notification, we’ll include one or two or three sample URLs to show what’s wrong.”

Many blogger receive such kind of Penalty Mails in Google Webmaster tool but they do not understand exactly what kind of mistakes they did, In some cases rival sites also accounts for bad linking of website through invalid link wheel schemes. So these example might help them to understand their mistakes or dissociate site from unnatural link building.


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