Google Author Rank – How It Works To Increase SERP, How To Make It Strong

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Google recently launched new algorithm named as Google Author Rank™, so here we discuss about Google’s new ranking method based on Google AR.

What is Google Author Rank?

Google Author Rank is the second most innovative project after the Google PageRank. Google PageRank depends on backlinks while Google Author Rank depend on how many people added you in their circle, how many people shared your article and number of people who +1’d your article on Google+. So it has been clear that Google Author Rank is totally based on your Google+ activities.

Google Author Rank

The image clearly describes what exactly is Google Author Rank

A basic requirement of Google Author Rank: You must complete Google Authorship and Google Webmaster verification of your website.


How Google Author Rank Works To Increase SERP?

Every Google parameter/algorithm has importance in Google Search Engine ranking. We know Google Search Engine ranking depends on a number of factors and the factors are improved and even they are increasing day by day, Google Author Rank is one of them.

Google ARHow to improve Google Author rank?



  1. Here are the same basic factors which help to build a strong Google Author Rank:
  2. Creating quality content will help you to boost Google AR.
  3. Try to share every post with description on Google+.
  4. Add popular and useful people who help you to spread your content on Google+.
  5. You must verify your website on Google Webmaster to get Google Author Rank.
  6. Force visitors/readers to add you in their circle and also force them to share your content with +1 button.
  7. Do guest posting and ask website owner to allow you to add your Google+ profile link.



Is it important? Of course yes because you will get more exposure to your SERP with a strong Google AR. Google AR is just one factor to decide your SERP so it doesn’t mean if you doesn’t have good Author Rank then you anything.


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