Google Soon Include Example Of Bad Links In Webmaster Penalty Mails

During the interview at SMX Advanced 2013 Google’s search engine head Matt Cutts announced that Google soon going to send examples of bad links in the Google Webmaster penalty mails. I think it is a very smart move by Google because it helps the new bloggers to understand how their blog can be affected due to bad links.

Matt Cutts stated One thing that’s new is we’re testing the inclusion of example URLs when we send a manual action notification, we’ll include one or two or three sample URLs to show what’s wrong.

Many blogger receive such kind of Penalty Mails in Google Webmaster tool but they do not understand exactly what kind of mistakes they did, In some cases rival sites also accounts for bad linking of website through invalid link wheel schemes. So these example might help them to understand their mistakes or dissociate site from unnatural link building.


How To Check YouTube Earnings In Adsense 2013

As you know from 1st april 2013 Estimated earnings from YouTube associated with Adsense account are no longer being displayed in Google AdSense dashboard.

Google officially announced that from now on earnings from YouTube will be shown in YouTube analytics and not in Adsense dashboard under Hosted AdSense for Content tab. It is still not known why Google decided to pull off YouTube earning reports from Adsense and makes it visible only in YouTube analytics which is very laggy. In adsense dashboard there is notification which says,

As of Apr 1, 2013, YouTube Hosted AdSense for Content reporting will be managed at YouTube Analytics

So how do you check your YouTube earnings in Adsense?

How To Check YouTube Earnings In Adsense 2013

I really don’t know if this method will work permanently or something, but as of now this is the only way to check your Estimated YouTube earnings from Adsense.

youtube earnings in adsense

1.) In your Adsense main dashboard click on Performance report or View full reports.

2.) Click on Hosted AdSense for Content under product tab.

3.) Now you can view Total earnings and Estimated earnings of your YouTube account.

The main reason to check your YouTube earnings in Adsense dashboard is, YouTube analytics earnings report get updated only after 2-3 days and you will not able to check your earnings on daily basis. When you check earnings in YouTube analytics for short period it shows notification – Data is not available for the selected report, content, and date range. If possible, try selecting a broader date range, different content, or come back in 1-2 days after the most recent data has been processed.

How To Remove The Content From Google+,Shopping,Advisor,Flights And Hotels

As we know Google always try to launch new products which gives the ability to the website owner to manage their content on Google products. This time Google launched the new tool by which we can remove the content which is already crawled on Google+ Local search, Shopping, Advisor, Flights And Hotels within 30 days.

Google opt out tool

The new Opt out tool is available in Webmaster tool dashboard and its very easy to use. Now webmaster can remove the content in just one click. There is a option to add multiple sites, so that webmaster can remove multiple site’s crawled content on Google+ Local search, Shopping, Advisor, Flights And Hotels within 30 days in just one click.

However currently the new opt out tool is not covered by Google News , Google Image Search, Video Search, Google Maps, Google Book Search and Google Finance. But we can hope that Google may add this services to its new Opt out tool.



Important SEO Tips For Baidu

Many website holders and bloggers are struggling for traffic so it’s time to do something better than your competitors. If you have a website which contain global information then you must optimize your website for different search engines including foreign language search engines like Yandex (Russian), Baidu (Chinese).


We know Google is the leading search engine in the World but unfortunately they closed their service in China in 2010 and now Baidu is a leading search engine in China. The main Interesting fact is China is in 2nd place in the World on the basis of no of Internet users it means there is a very huge audience in China who are searching no of queries daily. So in order to get huge traffic from China you must optimize your website for Baidu. Baidu is in Chinese language but do not worry you can easily cope with this problem using an automatic translator.

Important SEO tips to optimize your website for Baidu according to some standard algorithm created by Baidu.


1. Choose Right Spelling For Keyword

Like Google and many other search engines Baidu responds to the right keyword, But the problem is China has many dialects and unfortunately Baidu supports all of them, despite the fact that the same keyword in different dialects have different meanings. So it is better to use either the traditional Chinese Mandarin language or Pinyin. Pinyin is the recorded sounds of Chinese people, which allows you to write Chinese words with European alphabet characters.


2. You Need Chinese Articles

Of course you cannot mix up English articles with Chinese articles so you need to create multilingual web site. You can create a sub domain for Chinese version of your website like You can translate your English article with automated translator but before publishing your translated article make sure it doesn’t have any grammar as well as a spelling mistake. Also check your translated article with Plagiarism test to maintain its uniqueness.


3. Importance of Meta Tags in Baidu SEO

Meta tags play a very important role in SEO. Like other leading search engines Baidu started using meta tags. So its better to use more meta tags to get better SERP in Baidu.


4. Importance of Chinese Domain Name and Chinese Hosting in Baidu

It will be very helpful if you’re looking to target traffic from China. If you want just additional traffic neglect this factor and concentrate on other important factors.


5. Use Simple Navigation Layout For Your Web Site

Baidu gives more importance to the simple navigation layout of website than any other search engines like Yandex, Google. The fact that Baidu doesn’t give importance to your deep links or pages and refuse to index such links quickly. Do not use any complex code or any black hat techniques because Baidu might give punishment to your website for life time.


6. Check For Duplicate Content

I strongly recommend you do not post duplicate content on your website because Baidu believes it as a 100% spam content. But in case you want to give any other website’s information on your website, you can disable indexing of that particular page by using any plugin or by optimizing Robot.txt file.


7. Do Not Insert Irrelated Links and Avoid Selling Links

Baidu started fighting from the first day of its existence against irrelevant links and those who are selling links on their website.


8. Don’t expect Quick Success

Unlike Google Baidu is much slower to increase your SERP. Baidu make take 6 months or more to arrange its results. So try to wait and do not make any mistake to get success quickly which may turn into a bad effect.


9. Increase Loading Speed Of Your Web Site

In order to increase web site loading speed try to avoid the use of Java Script and Flash scripts. Use simple HTML and CSS scripts which are faster as compared to Flash and Java script.


Some of the above factors are very small but taking them into the consideration while doing SEO for Baidu may give you huge benefits.

Set Of Monochrome Icons For Web Designers

Web designers are always looking for new and unique monochrome icons set for commercial websites like clothes, photo mugs, books, bags, photographic supplies, mobiles, social media, weather, gift business and many more.

So here I am posting some cool set of monochrome icons which are free to use.


Batch Monochrome Icons

batch monochrome icons


Each icon in the Batch PSD is a single shape layer, meaning they can be scaled up or down without loss of quality.

The download includes:

  • PSD file (shape layers).
  • SVGs (128×128).
  • PNGs (16×16, 32×32, 64×64).
  • Webfont (.oet, .ttf, .woff).

Distribution terms:

You are free to use Batch (the “icon set”) or any part thereof (the “icons”) in any personal, open-source or commercial work without obligation of payment (monetary or otherwise) or attribution. Do not sell or Rent the icon set (Either in existing or modified form).
While Attribution is optional, IT is Always appreciated.



Glyph Monochrome Icons PatriGlyphs

Glyph Icons PatriGlyphs


This pack contains 50 icons in 16x16px size, all glyph icons are optimized for a tiny size but are 100% resizeable! PNG monochrome icons are included if you want to use it straight out of the box, CSH are included for all you designers who want pretty glyphs to work with.



Jigsoar Monochrome Icons

Jigsoar Icons

A free, creative commons licensed custom designed monochrome icons set with 60 vector shapes, perfect for the web.


How To Remove Or Disable Ads From Hotspot Shield VPN

As we know, while using some Free VPN software for secure browsing, they tend to generate annoying and unwanted ads in browser and web pages that makes the browsing experience very bad.

Hotspot Shield VPN from anchorfree is one of the most popular and free proxy software available on the web, that offers anonymous browsing feature and at the same time unlimited data download usage. However this truly free VPN software does not offer great browsing experience because free version has some of its own limitations as such unwanted banners, popup ads appear on all websites on top of the page. Not only banners ads that are annoying (Comes with Explicit contents very often) but if you try to close them, then another popup window gets opened which also need to close manually.

It should be noted that Hotspot Shield VPN is now updated and showing notification to upgrade to new version on every webpage.

It appears that you are using an older version of Hotspot Shield!
Please upgrade now to our new version. Click below to continue.

You can also get rid of this message by changing browser user agent as explained below.

How to get rid of Hotspot Shield VPN ads and remove them from web browser?

The easiest way to get rid of Hotspot Shield VPN ads is to install Adblock extension on your browser. However Adblock also blocks Google Adsense ads which make website looks uglier than its original look. Adblock also blocks every external script which might create unwanted browsing experience while browsing some website.

So here we have the easiest way to disable or turn off Hotspot Shield Ads without ruining the browsing experience in any browser or especially with the Google Chrome.

Hotspot Shield ads normally appear in any browser whether its Chrome, IE or Firefox. However it automatically gets disappeared in mobile browser or mobile user agent such as Android browser, iPad or iPhone user agent etc. So what we have to do is to just change the native user agent of the web browser with other user agent, with the help of User agent spoof extension or plugin for various browsers.

If you are using the Google Chrome browser then its very easy, just install the Chrome UA spoofer extension from Chrome Web Store.



After installation click on the extension icon on the right top of browser, then click any user agent such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Opera as a default user agent.



You are now browsing with modified new user agent without any restrictions and without any ads by Hotspot Shield VPN. You can also change the user agent to Android or ipad or switch back to the default Chrome old user agent.

Hotspot Shield VPN

You can also able to remove ads of Hotspot Shield from other browsers as this procedure is perfectly working with Chrome and also applicable for all browsers including Firefox, IE, Opera or Safari.

Firefox users can install User Agent Switcher  and switch user agent to Googlebot 2.1 from Tools option. 

hotspot firefox

Creating A Social Media Strategy The Right Way

Social media is everyone’s new favorite tool and with good reason. It’s cost-effective, relatively straightforward to use and allows unprecedented monitoring and targeting for brands.

Social media strategy

But as companies up and down the size scale try and jump on the bandwagon with no clear goals, social media can quickly become a time sink or worse – actively damage the reputation brand. So how do you go about formulating a strategy for social media?


  • Moving the goalposts


Social media interaction is quicker than that of any other marketing tool and it can be highly tempting for companies to do strategies on the fly and implement new activities without a great deal of planning.

However, one of the most important steps in planning a social media strategy is setting clear goals and then sticking to them. One simple way to measure the return on investment and reign in the amount of time, money and resources you’re ploughing into social media is to set modest ambitions and limits.

Your goals shouldn’t be overly-simple though, so try and steer away from broad aims like ‘increase awareness’ or ‘make more money’ as it can be difficult to gauge the role your social activities have played in achieving these.

Instead, aim for something concrete that you can accurately measure and compare with different periods. For instance, things like improving web traffic, getting more customers into the store, or enhancing interaction via social channels.


  • What are you doing and what are you eschewing?


Assuming your forays into social media have been successful – it might be a good idea to look at integrating your social activities into your other marketing efforts. This can be as simple as including social media details in physical promotional materials or tying in an email marketing campaign. Similarly, if other channels aren’t performing as expected, it might be a good idea to consider shifting your budget and resources from these over to social.


  • The message and the money through social media


One oft-repeated marketing tactic is to imagine your ideal customer – and this is no different on social media channels. The incomparable monitoring abilities afforded brands by social media platforms have made targeting the right audience easier than ever.

The first step is to find the channels where your key demographic is active – from Pinterest to YouTube and beyond. Once these are identified, you can start considering how best to use the channels to your advantage and get your message out.

Obviously, what strategy you pursue will largely be dictated by your type of business, but with a little creative thinking – social media really can be made to work, even for the most seemingly-mundane of companies.


  •  Allocate and Evaluate

As opposed to getting too excited about social media, some brands fall into the trap of being overly-cautious and too timid in their activities. While highly cost-effective, social media activity is deceptively resource-intensive, so sticking an intern on the task for a couple of hours a week simply won’t cut it.

You’ll also need to make time to periodically evaluate your progress with social media. Decide on a period and then at the end of this time, scrutinize how well you’ve done in meeting your goals. The myriad analytical tools available for free (or at a marginal price) will be invaluable in seeing what you’ve done well at and where you’ve come up short.

Once you’ve got an idea of your success, you can plan the next batch of goals on the back of this. From this starting point, you can expand or reign in activities as needed and move forward in an effective manner.

While there’s no assurance that you’ll meet with success in social media – by methodically setting goals and evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll have a much better foundation to work from.



Author Bio: This article brought to you by Gerald Heneghan on behalf of Custard Media, a bespoke PR agency offering a range of tailored search and social media marketing services.

Image used courtesy of Flickr.

Stay Updated With The Latest Google Algorithm Changes

Keeping a tab of all the Google algorithm updates released for its search engine is of the essence, to frame effective online marketing strategies. In what follows, readers will be acquainted with some of the most important Google algorithm updates.

Google algorithm

Getting a high search engine rank (SERP) to your websites is one of the prime goals of every business. However, following a set of static Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies is not likely to be helpful in this regard, at least in the long-run. This is because Google is constantly coming up with changes and modifications in their search algorithms, in a bid to improve the web browsing experience of general users.

As a website owner, you should always be in touch with the latest Google algorithm changes in search engine or if you don’t understand you can make contact with executives from a reputed online marketing agency so that you do not miss out on any of the major updates.

Some of the key recent changes in Google algorithm are:


  • The exact match domain update €“ Earlier on, presence of keywords in the domain, in their exact match’ format, was instrumental in ensuring a high position on the SERP for the concerned website. This, however, resulted in many low-quality (as defined by Google) websites occupying the first few positions among the search results just taking advantage of the keywords in their domains. In order to get rid of this problem, Google came up with the Exact Match Domain (EMD) update where sites with less or low quality content and exact match domain received heavy blow. You need to, now, have content of really high quality on your website, to ensure high online visibility.


  • The Penguin update €“ Web spamming and black hat SEO’ tactics were often resorted to by many internet marketers, to fetch a high rank for their websites. Google came down hard on such shady practices, which, at the end of the day, made the general search activities of people on the web more troublesome. The Penguin update is precisely targeted at bringing down these types of underhand SEO strategies. If your website violates any of the specifications of this update, serious penalties can be implemented by Google.


  • The page layout update €“ Do your web pages have plenty of advertisements in the upper sections? If yes, you can face the wrath of Google! Pages that have too many ads above-the-fold are generally treated as top-heavy’ by the search engine (according to the update released in October last year). Consult your online marketing agency, to determine where ads should be placed on your web pages, so that this update is not violated.


  • The Panda update €“ The importance of fresh, unique and informative content on your website has increased manifold, thanks to Google’s Panda update. Make sure that the content on your pages are updated on a regular basis as well. Google has specified several parameters, on the basis of which a website is deemed to be of high-quality’ or low-quality’. You need to be among the former category, to be able to get a decent search engine rank.


  • The Google Knowledge Graph update €“ Since the roll out of this update, users have been able to get additional information about the things they are looking for on the web, from the SERP itself. The Knowledge Graph is viewable on all devices with internet connectivity, and it drives away every type of ambiguity from the search results.


  • The Top 7 SERP update €“ This update was not a general one, but affected quite a number of keywords (that were surveyed). As the name itself suggests, seven entries are displayed on the first page of the search results, instead of the usual ten. The flip side of this update? Often, multiple results from the same website have started taking up the top positions on the SERP.


The Link Warning update and the DMCA update also feature prominently among the list of recent changes in the Google algorithm. Hire the services of an expert online marketing agency, to stay aware of all such updates, as and when they are released. You can ignore the regulations of Google only at your own peril!


Author’s Bio: John Smith is a professional web marketer. He is associated with a reputed online marketing agency in USA. He has several years of experience, in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). Here in this article he has shared few latest penguin updates to gain traffic and generate leads.

Is Having A Google Plus Profile Mandatory For Business?

Google+,Google plus

When it comes to social media marketing, the names of premier networking websites, like Facebook and Twitter, spring to mind first. However, business marketing and promotional strategies are developing fast bringing to light the value and importance of other social media channels, like Google Plus, Pinterest and Tumblr. In particular, it is of the essence that you have an engaging, regularly updated the profile page on Google Plus, to reach out to a large number of qualified potential customers.

Google +1 button


We take a look at the factors that make having a Google Plus page almost mandatory for your business:


  • Better segmentation and targeting options: Even highly skilled website designers that build professional websites such as this site here can still gain an advantage using the benefits that Plus pages offer. Google Plus offers you ample opportunities in this regard, since you can segment the various categories of buyers into different circles’. Frame such promotional messages that would appeal to the members of each of the circles’ and make your online marketing campaigns more focused and successful.


  • Adopts a more personalized approach Unlike most other popular social media websites, Google Plus does not allow for the creation of a dedicated business page. Instead, it has to be an individual, who represents your business on this channel. This automatically brings in a greater degree of interpersonal nature in the manner in which you deal with your followers’. With a more personal touch, your business operations become more credible too.


  • Social sharing options Yes, having an expert web design & development services help but unless the content on your website manage to create a buzz on the online space, traffic volumes would hover on the lower side. Google Plus can come to your aid on this count too! Submit the best of your website articles and blog posts on your Google Plus profile. The more +1s’ they will manage to generate the faster your business will gain in recognition and popularity. Click here to find out more about how you can make your Google Plus posts go viral.


  • Chance to create hangouts Active discussion sessions, product/service demonstrations and regular feedback these are what drive a business forward, right? Google Plus is the only social media website that gives you the opportunity to create hangouts’, where you can organize all such online activities to generate more interest about your business. Make sure that your website design is such that the visitor stickiness’ duration would also remain high.


  • Boosts up online visibility One of the more self-explanatory advantages of Google Plus. Google is, by far, the most oft-used search engine by people from all over the world and it helps when your Google Plus page shows up on the SERP, when users search for something on the web. Get more updates about the SEO advantages of being present on Google Plus, and bolster the accessibility of your website.


  • The follow’ option Google Plus also helps in generating more valid backlinks for your website. Unlike most of its counterparts, you are not faced with any no follow’ regulations, which are often adopted to reduce spamming problems. On Google Plus, you can share outbound links, and bring more traffic to your main website.


Apart from helping in framing strategies for better customer targeting and more effective SEO drives, presence on Google Plus also helps you in getting free listings on the search engine. Creating a page on this up-and-coming social media channel should definitely follow your website development plans. Your client base would expand and pretty quickly too!

Author’s Bio: Ron Jones is a social media marketing manager. He is also considered to be an authority on different SEO-related issues. In this piece, he lists out the reasons why being present on Google Plus is mandatory for businesses. You will get all related stuffs from here.


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Importance And Rules To Optimize ALT Attribute In Image SEO

We all are familiar with ALT (alternate text) tag or ALT (alternate text) attribute in an image, they have very much importance in image SEO. The ALT attribute is the combination of specific keywords which gives the description of the image or in other words, the ALT attribute is used to retrieve the text information about the images present on the site. It can be seen in the source code of the page. E.g. <img src=”puppy.jpg” alt=”Dalmatian puppy playing fetch”>

ALT attribute in image

Importance of ALT attributes in image SEO:

1. Search engines like Google, Bing have special importance of ALT attribute in their image search engine. They also use ALT attribute in indexing content. But in general, It is important to remember that, it refers to the retrieval of image information.

2. ALT attributes plays a very important role in case your browser doesn’t load the image or if image link is broken. The browser will then display alt-text as mentioned in your ALT attribute to the user.

3. ALT attributes are also used by specialized screen reader software which is specially made for visually impaired people, so that these people are also aware of what kind of image present on the site.


In order to get good SERP for your images you must optimize your images for best results.

Important rules to use ALT attribute in image SEO:

1. Always insert relevant keyword only.

E.gBest: <img src=”puppy.jpg” alt=”your image related keywords”/>
Not recommended: <img src=”puppy.jpg” alt=”12345″/>

2. Try to insert unique ALT attribute for each image. If you have no of images don’t make the ALT attribute like tablet1, tablet2 etc.

3. Try to use no of keywords in the ALT attribute which describes your image information best.

E.g. Best: <img src=”puppy.jpg” alt=”Dalmatian puppy playing fetch”>
Not so good: <img src=”puppy.jpg” alt=”puppy”/>

4. Don’t use huge no of keywords in ALT attribute.

E.g. Not recommended: <img src=”puppy.jpg” alt=”puppy dog baby
labrador wolfhound setter pointer puppy jack russell terrier “/>

5. All images are advised to keep in the same folder on the server. In case you have huge images then create sub folders for the new images.